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A platform that transforms your Board into an effective one

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StraBoard a Board Management Platform 

StraBoard, the most efficient and secure platform to effectively run all board related activities. Keep your board engaged and informed through a fully digitized platform.


Enterprise Level


Application level security, document level restricted privileges, role based access privileges,

device level security, and data protection.

Realtime Decision making

Vote real-time before, during, after board meetings for better, faster, and more informed decisions.

One Click Meeting Center

With one click, you can access all your upcoming and previous meetings with meeting minutes in one place at the meeting center.

Collaborate with Board Members

Secure chats within the application to enable board members with seamless planning and execution of strategic initiatives for the organization.

Secure Document Center

Safeguard board documents with complete confidentiality in a centralized repository where you can synchronize, collaborate and store documents securely. Access control at a document level.


Action Items

View and update actions items created directly from board meetings, and various board committee sessions.


Enterprise Business 

Organizations can enhance board governance, make decisions real-time and collaborate securely – all within the same platform. 

Private Equity

Ideal platform for board members of PE portfolio companies to make quick decisions with a strong governance, and prepare quickly for any upcoming board meeting. 


NGOs can now transition from in-person to virtual board meetings with a very efficient way to make decisions on critical initiatives that define them as a valued organization 


Healthcare Board members stay focused on more critical tasks on hand by getting rid of their governance and operations challenges on a fully digitized board platform. 


Very secure governance Portal for the board of government agencies to meet, track and manage all important AIs digitally – accessible anywhere, anytime.  


Completely configurable and customization solution for the board of educational institutions to help them prepare for and participate in board’s agenda and objectives.



Board Directors

Boards speak, but more importantly, they listen to others their clients, investors, and employees and are aware of what these groups think of their business. A proper tool can help understand and value their opinions.



Leading the organization, having honest conversations, and inspiring people, especially when it comes to problem-solving. It is important that you are equipped with a proper management tool.


Board members 

A good management platform oversees that boards focus on strategy and policy areas, and are confident that the staff have the abilities needed to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


Board Secretary 

The right platform can help in obtaining the information they need to make decisions in the proper format and at the right time


Executive Assistant 

Scheduling meetings, assembling and distributing Agendas, and notifying the public and employees of the Board's actions is a very important task. Finding a tool to schedule and manage operations is a must.


IT Personnel 

The IT expert's responsibility is to provide the board with expertise and information and to disseminate it to other board members.

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