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Your Business Is Unique. Your Transformation Cannot Be “One Size Fits All”


End to end Digital and IT solutions for business transformation.

Reimagine Transformation using our Data First Approach 

End to End Digital Transformation to Accelerate Growth 

Right Data. Right Time. Right Audience. Data as a Service

Transform your Organizational Processes and Approach with Robotic Process Automation

Sustainable Supply Chain and Resource Management 


Business Transformation to meet your Changing Needs



Founder & CEO

Alpana Doshi

“Board member for many businesses and, the CEO of Stralynn, - Alpna is a Leader with Execution and visionary with exemplary digital strategic drive” 

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Managing Director

Archana Jain

“Over 20 years of progressive experience in Information Technology Management and Consulting with Fortune-500 companies” 

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Rav Karwal

“Focused on building repeatable scalable processes to provide      the greatest ROI and reliability on strategic transformation initiatives” 

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