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Moving beyond O2C to a Cloud-based L2C Platform

What if you could shorten the sales cycle, increase the efficiency of sales agents, and improve customer experience with one single solution? A cloud-based L2C platform can help you achieve all of this. Read on to explore the innumerable benefits of a cloud-based L2C solution.

Did you also know that almost 48% of salespeople fail to follow up with leads?

Lack of sales funnel visibility - from lead generation to conversion - is one of the common causes of this poor performance.

Businesses have started to understand the pain associated with disconnected systems and the silos created when different departments have their own tools and software. This is the reason many businesses are looking to upgrade their traditional order-to-cash (O2C) to an integrated, cloud-based lead-to-cash (L2C) platform to gain better visibility of their sales cycle – right from lead generation to cash. 

Before exploring the benefits of a cloud-based L2C solution, let’s understand what makes it more effective than an O2C solution.

The traditional O2C solutions only give businesses partial visibility of the sales process - from the time order is placed till the time payment is made. It doesn’t give them insights on lead generation, which results in potential leads falling through the cracks and not getting followed up. Whereas in an integrated L2C solution, data is managed at every stage, right from when a lead is generated until the payment is made. Not just this, with a cloud-based solution, your employees will be able to access business-critical data anytime, anywhere from multiple devices, which will give them the much-needed agility in today’s competitive environment. 

How can a cloud-based L2C solution help grow your business?

Here are some of the many ways an integrated, cloud-based L2C solution will help benefit your business:

Increased efficiency: How can your sales agents sell to and retain customers if they do not understand customers’ needs? With an integrated, cloud-based L2C platform, your employees can track all the critical customer data in one place that will help them deliver real value to customers, which should mean higher customer satisfaction. Also, quick and real-time access to customer information will give sales agents more control over the business and more time to engage with prospects. 

Improved lead conversion: Leads are the foundation of your revenue cycle. To pursue a lead, sales teams spend hours searching for customer information, typically spread throughout non-integrated systems. This can result in disjointed conversations and even loss of leads. With the help of a cloud-based L2C solution, your sales and marketing agents will have real-time access to customer information, which can help them engage effectively with customers and improve lead conversion rates.

Enhanced customer experience: By providing a customer with accurate and timely information, you will eliminate the risk of losing the lead. And by delivering an exceptional customer experience, you will retain the customer and earn a brand ambassador who will spread the good word about your brand through word of mouth publicity. 


With an integrated, cloud-based L2C solution, businesses can increase the efficiency of sales staff, increase cross and upsell opportunities, prevent revenue leakage, and transform customers’ buying journeys. 

Ready to see your revenues, customer experience, and employee satisfaction increase exponentially? Contact our Digital Transformation of Lead to Cash experts today and schedule a demo.

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