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4 Ways Optimizing Salesforce Will Increase Your ROI


Salesforce is a powerful tool. However, if not properly optimized, it can impair your teams’ performance and fail to meet your ROI goals. 

Did you know that almost 44% of sales professionals feel pressured to deliver revenue results? Not just this, revenue officers are under constant pressure to build new revenue streams and match up to customers’ expectations. To help revenue officers, Salesforce recently launched new features to optimize revenue built into the Sales Cloud. With these new features, revenue officers can easily unlock customer data, view deal history, and get visibility on pipeline data to predict revenue. Also, it will allow them to redefine sales processes, follow the trends to understand what’s working and what isn’t, and stay ahead of the competition.

Importance of optimizing Salesforce

To help businesses accurately predict their growth, Salesforce recently announced tools and features to optimize the revenue built into Sales Cloud 360. Let’s understand how Salesforce optimization impacts your ROI:

1. Drives predictable revenue: The recently launched featureswill help sales heads drive growth and minimize lost revenue. Sales teams will get accurate pipeline insights, such as week-over-week charges, top KPIs, and deal health signals, in a consolidated and simple view. The new features will also help revenue teams redefine sales processes by unlocking customer, deals, and pipeline data. Also, sales agents will be able to focus more on deals that matter the most, which will help improve lead conversion and ultimately impact the bottom line positively. 

2. Enables accurate forecasting: Where pipeline information improves visibility on potential leads, forecasting gives a clearer revenue picture.By optimizing Salesforce with the newly launched features, revenue teams can provide forecasts based on custom fields to ensure accuracy. 

3. Assesses customer behavior: Your customer support team can use Einstein Conversation Insights powered by artificial intelligence to build long-term customer acquisition and retention strategies. Also, your teams can review video and call transcripts to understand customer behavior better. Crucial data related to your competitors and customers can now be measured, assessed, and acted upon more effectively and proactively, which will impact revenue over the years. 

4. Automates revenue analytics:Your teamscan automate forecasting processes using the AI and the machine learning capabilities of Tableau CRM. For instance, if you want to increase margins, you can now visualize how different customers will impact your revenue. Understanding these trends will help you reach out to high-value customers that prioritize features and will be willing to pay a premium price for superior services.

Wrap Up

In today’s competitive landscape, the optimization of Salesforce is critical to gaining a competitive edge. With Salesforce optimization, your teams can work smarter, increase productivity, connect with leads and build a strategy based on customer behavior to protect and improve your bottom line. 


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