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Unlock your future with AI-powered Digital Learning

Stralynn Digital Academy brings innovatively structured virtual courses which leverage real-life industry experience and artificial intelligence to help you overcome the challenges of digital transformation


Digital Training Academy

Stralynn is excited to announce the launch of its "AI Digital Transformation Revolutionary Courses" through the Stralynn Digital Academy. 

Our innovatively structured virtual courses leverage real-life industry experience and artificial intelligence to help you overcome the challenges of digital transformation and develop a mindset for finding lasting and sustainable solutions. We have industry veterans as instructors, who leverage their real-life industry experience to stimulate the challenges of the corporate world and condition the professional's mindset to look for lasting solutions.

A differentiated learning paradigm


Generative AI driven course structure with Hands on Guidance


Innovative & Flexible Blended Learning Approach


Experienced Leaders as Course Experts


Knowledge Base of High Quality Business Case Analysis


Access to content Anytime, Anywhere

Explore Our

Popular Courses


Program Managment for Digital Transformation

Learn how to use AI to improve your program management skills and deliver digital transformation success


CIO Advisory for Digital Transformation

Empower your CIO with strategic insights, technical expertise, and industry best practices to drive your organization's success in the digital age

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AI powered Agile Development  

Master the latest Agile and DevOps practices, powered by AI, to deliver innovative products and services faster and more efficiently.

Meet Our Experts


Alpna Doshi

  • LinkedIn

“Board member for many businesses, and as the CEO for Stralynn, - Alpna is a Leader with Vision and with exemplary digital strategic drive” 

Screenshot 2021-11-30 095213.jpg

Archana Jain

  • LinkedIn

“Digital transformation consultant with entrepreneurial mindset leads Fortune 1000 organizations to achieve goals through program management, solution development, and IT landscape transformation.” 

Shunhangi Bhagwat.png

Shubhangi Bhagwat

  • LinkedIn

"Three decades in Strategic Leadership for Organization Transformation, Board Advisory, Governance and Large Deal, M&A"

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