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Release date: 20th January 2023


Certified Board Members Demonstrate Their Commitment to Elevating Board Leadership

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San Jose, California, January 2023 -- Stralynn Consulting Services today announced that the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) recently recognized Alpna J. Doshi, CEO & Chairman as NACD Directorship Certified®. Directors who earn this designation signal to boards, investors, and other stakeholders that they are keeping on top of the emerging issues and trends impacting financial performance, disrupting business models, and changing the competitive landscape.

The NACD Directorship Certification program®, the nation’s premier certification for board directors, provides a tangible assessment of a director’s understanding of the essential knowledge required to lead in today’s boardrooms. Certification facilitates continuous learning and allows directors to showcase their governance knowledge to the companies they serve and other stakeholders in the broader governance community.

“I am honored to join the distinguished and diverse group of NACD Certified Directors who are committed to advancing the highest standards of boardroom excellence,” said Alpna J. Doshi NACD.DC. “The information I’ve learned and demonstrated via NACD’s certification program are key assets to the companies I serve, as well as to my professional growth as a director.”

“Public and Private Board member, Servant Leader as the CEO for businesses, Alpna is a thoughtleader with Execution and visionary digital strategic drive with a streamlined glue to foundational elects “. A sought after Director for corporates with Leadership oversight, Highest personal & professional ethics, a sense of purpose, mentorship, and great passion for learning.

“NACD Certified Directors demonstrate their keen awareness that directorship is a profession that, like all professions, requires continuous learning,” said Peter R. Gleason, NACD’s CEO. “Alpna J. Doshi NACD.DC is leading the way in achieving and maintaining the highest credential available to directors in the United States.”


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