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CIO Advisory 

Empower your CIO with strategic insights, technical expertise, and industry best practices to drive your organization's success in the digital age.

An overview of our core CIO Advisory Services include:

Transform enterprise's operating models to succeed by using AI assistants. Focus on the big-ticket value items on the C-Suite agenda, providing a deep link between business and IT.

Cloud Transformation and Automation. Steering IT Agendas to accelerate to cloud and to realize tangible business value through a holistic approach – driving product enhancements, improving financial performance, and accelerating speed-to-market.

Technology Cost Optimization in a SaaS Environment. CIOs increasingly are challenged to delivering meaningful cost and cash savings while also optimizing performance and efficiencies. Following a 3-step approach we identify up to 60% cost savings for technology operations.

M&A Tech Integration. M&A is poised to have a vast influence shaping the “next normal.” This course provides advisory around strategy and execution to achieve the benefits case for a complex and large-scale transaction, harnessing deep insights and state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Strategic planning. This course is designed to help teams develop and implement a long-term IT strategy that aligns with the organization's overall goals.

IT governance. This course helps teams establish and maintain a framework for managing IT in a way that is aligned with the organization's risk appetite and compliance requirements.

Risk management. This course helps teams identify, assess, and mitigate IT risks.

Digitize IT operations. Helps teams digitize their IT operations in a way that is efficient and effective.

Increased Vigilance to prevent Cybersecurity attacks. This course helps teams protect their IT systems and data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction from cybersecurity attacks.

Alpna J Doshi

Chairman & CEO

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